Close the gap 2021

Human trafficking survivors deserve a future free of the collateral damage created by their exploitation. The goals we’ve set for 2021 are designed to eliminate every obstacle standing between them and a better tomorrow. Let’s work together to execute a strategic vision that transitions many more survivors from exploitation to empowerment!

A Letter From Nate

Dear Friends,

COVID-19 created unique challenges for all of us this year. However, the obstacles of 2020 could never overrule the truth of Genesis 50:20. In true Joseph fashion, the Project enjoyed rewarding opportunities in the midst of a global crisis, experiencing God’s ability to work everything out for good firsthand.

Extended quarantine periods helped us forge strategic partnerships with top Michigan law firms like Warner Norcross & Judd (Grand Rapids, MI), out-of-state service providers like Rescue America (Houston, TX), and national attorney networks like Christian Legal Society (CLS).

We also developed our 3 key initiatives: Recognize, Represent, and Restore. The public education, legal advocacy, and survivor empowerment activities we conduct under the umbrella of these initiatives will define the core of our work as we seek to expand into other parts of the country.

Most importantly, we closed the Justice Gap for human trafficking survivors. Working with networks of both Legal First Responders and Alongsiders, survivors won numerous legal and personal victories.

These wins are at the heart of our 2021 fundraising effort, Close the Gap.  As you consider these victories and those who helped achieve them, we hope you’ll join us in the year ahead as we continue our mission to close the Justice Gap that stands between exploited individuals and the resolution of their legal needs.



Nate Knapper
Founder & CEO

3 Key Strategic Initiatives

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Close the Gap Goal $300,000