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Survivors have social and spiritual needs that extend beyond the legal challenges they face. The Joseph Project offers survivors the opportunity to match with Alongsiders who help restore a healthy sense of dignity, community, and purpose.

What is an Alongsider?

Alongsiders are faith-based, trauma-informed coaches who provide spiritual encouragement and social reintegration assistance to The Joseph Project’s survivor clients. 

Who can join the Alongsiders network?

Though diverse in background, all Alongsiders share a common commitment to survivor empowerment as an expression of the love of Jesus Christ, who preached love of neighbor (Matthew 22:39) and prioritized discipleship (Matthew 28:19). While no specific work experience is required to serve as an Alongsider, substantive experience in relevant vocational areas such as teaching, mentoring, ministry, social work, counseling, and coaching is highly preferred. All Alongsiders must complete an interview and background check.

What does an Alongsider do?

Alongsiders establish authentic friendships with survivors based on love, trust, and integrity. Through these relationships, they identify survivors’ most pressing non-legal needs and connect them to necessary outside resources in coordination with organizational staff. For example, Alongsiders have facilitated survivors’ transportation to and from court proceedings, connected them to medical/cosmetic professionals, arranged opportunities for educational/occupational advancement, and invited them to attend Christian church services.

Serving as an Alongsider is a commitment. While each Alongsider/Survivor relationship is unique, volunteers are generally expected to fulfill certain responsibilities within the following categories:

  • Relationships – Cultivate friendship and spiritual development with survivors through weekly contact
  • Resources – Collaborate with The Joseph Project’s Alongsider Coordinator to connect survivors with necessary social resources (i.e., educational programs, employment opportunities, health-and-wellness services, etc.)
  • Hearings – Attend all scheduled legal proceedings and coordinate survivors’ transportation to and from court as necessary
  • Updates – Provide periodic updates and report issues of concern to Alongsider Coordinator
  • Trainings – Attend biannual training sessions
  • Meetings – Attend quarterly update meetings
  • Summaries – Submit activity summary report upon conclusion of volunteer commitment

How does The Joseph Project support its Alongsiders?

Restore, our survivor empowerment initiative, supports the recruitment, training, and deployment of the Alongsiders network by funding:

  • Faith-based, trauma-informed training sessions
  • Survivor encouragement expenditures, including modest meal, clothing, and transportation purchases


If you are interested in serving as an Alongsider, please contact us.